Procedure and After Care

On arrival (after having booked an appointment over the phone), a full explanation is given by the doctor as to the procedure and any potential complications. The consent of both parents is then taken in writing.

Procedure (carried out under local anaesthetic)

The procedure is carried out using sterile disposable instruments and disposable dressing packs for each baby; ie, under aseptic conditions. Essentially; the foreskin of the penis is dissected back to the sulcus, and the appropriate size plastibell applied and tied in place with a special thread. Any surplus foreskin is then excised and the doctor then ensures there is no post-op bleeding. Subsequently the parents are called into the operating room and given a full explanation of post-op care both verbally and in writing. This includes the provision of a letter for their GP and a follow up appointment with Dr. Butt.


This is given verbally and in writing. The availability of the doctor 24hrs post-op, via phone is also explained in the unlikely event of any emergency.

Salt baths are recommended as per the information given in writing. The plastibell falls off by itself usually between 5 to 8 days.

Analgesia / pain relief as advised by the doctor and as per information given in writing.