Welcome to North West Circumcisions

Providing religious and cultural circumcisions for infant boys under the age of 14 months.
Dr. M. A. Butt was the first to provide such a service in Manchester, since 1995

Dr Butt has been operating for over 34years and is a leading expert in the UK specialising in the plastibell method .This is the most popular method for infant circumcisions in the UK & USA. He has retired from general practice and the NHS.

Infant circumcision does not need to be carried out in a hospital setting. It is a relatively safe and minor procedure carried out under local anaesthetic, and is mainly offered in private clinics in the UK.

Our clientele are diverse; from Muslims, Jews and Christians inclusive of those from Indo-Pak, Arab and African heritage. Clients travel from Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Stoke, London, Yorkshire, Scotland, Ireland and on occasion from wider Europe.We also have regular clientele from the Medical field bringing their infant boy for our safe, clean and expert service.